Workshop — Bangkok, Thailand

South-East Asia Expert Workshop on Biomass resources and Bioenergy potential - How2Guide for Bioenergy


As a clean and competitive source of renewable energy, many developing and emerging economies have already integrated a substantial amount of bioenergy into their energy mix, including an increasing number of countries in South-East Asia which are now looking to this multi-faceted energy source as a central component of their efforts to diversify their energy mix, and respond to climate change challenges.

This workshop was the second in a series of events providing inputs to the How2Guide for Bioenergy – a manual for policy and decision makers for the development and implementation of bioenergy technology roadmaps that are tailored to national frameworks, resources and capacities.

The event was jointly organised by the International Energy Agency (IEA) in the framework of the International Low-Carbon Energy Technology Platform, by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). The workshop was organized in collaboration with the Thai Ministry of Energy and with the support of Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO). 

Concept note of the Bioenergy How2Guide

Final Agenda

Participant List

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23 July 2014 (Day 1):

Opening Session: Welcome remarks by:

  • Dr Twarath Sutabutr, Deputy Director-General, Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency (DEDE), Ministry of Energy, Thailand 
  • Dr Ingrid Barnsley, Head, International Partnerships and Initiatives Unit, IEA
  • Mr Hiroyuki Konuma, Assistant Director-General and Regional Representative, FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

Session 1: Introduction to the How2Guide for Bioenergy and global bioenergy technology potential

Moderator: Mr. Kees Kwant, Vice-Chair, IEA Bioenergy Implementing Agreement

Followed by Q&A (15 minutes)

Session 2: Assessing bioenergy potential in South-East Asia

Moderator: Dr Appanah Simmathiri, FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

  • Country Presentation on the status of bioenergy development:
    • Dr. Apiradee Thammanomai, Ministry of Energy, Thailand
    • Mr. Edi Wibowo, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Indonesia
    • Mr. Rosemarie S. Gumera, Ministry of Agriculture, Philippines 
    • Mr. Nasrin Abu Bakar, Malaysia Palm Oli Board, Malaysia
    • Dr. Khorn Saret, Department of Forest and Community Forestry, Forestry Administration, Cambodia 
    • Khanthara Sisamouth, Ministry of Energy and Mines, Laos 
    • Mr. Nguyen Tien Long, Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development, Vietnam

Followed by Q&A (15 minutes)

Session 3: Experiences and lessons learned through the implementation of bioenergy projects in South-East Asia

Moderator: Mr. Linus Mofor, IRENA

Open discussion with all participants

Session 4: Sustainablity of Biomass and Biofuels

Moderator: Mr Thomas Chrometzka, GIZ Thailand

Open discussion with all participants

24 July 2014 (Day 2):

Session 5: Bioenergy roadmap development – part I: Resource Assessment and Lessons Learned from case studies

This session introduced ongoing biomass resource assessment and mapping activities at both the FAO and IRENA, and provided the opportunity to share experiences in relation to barriers and opportunities for bioenergy development in South-East Asia based on lessons learned from case studies.  

Moderator: Dr. Irini Maltsoglou, FAO / Mr Linus Mofor, IRENA

Followed by open discussion (45 minutes)

Session 6: Bioenergy roadmap development – part II: Regional Drivers, Barriers and Policy Action Options

This session provided the opportunity to share experiences in relation with the development of guidelines, methodologies and policy tools for supporting market uptake of bioenergy technology.

Co-Chair: Dr. Ingrid Barnsely, IEA / Mr. Matthew Leete, FAO

Followed by open discussion (30 minutes)

Session 7: Bioenergy roadmap development - part III: Breakout Sessions

Participants split in smaller groups and were asked to take active part in a brainstorming on bioenergy roadmap development. The discussion developed around the key phases of bioenergy roadmap process, including consideration of bioenergy project drivers as well as barriers to technology deployment. Attendees participated in the identification of action options that can be activated during the planning and deployment stage to foster bioenergy projects.

Reporting back from breakout sessions and closing remarks by:

  • Dr. Prasert Sinsukprasert, Director of International Energy Cooperation Bureau, Ministry of Energy, Thailand

 FAO Press Release: Developing bioenergy without threatening food-security in Southeast Asia (FAO, Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific; 23 July 2014).