Workshop — Amman, Jordan

Roundtable on Energy Efficiency Policies for the SEMED/MENA Region



The International Energy Agency, Regional Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and Arab League hosted a roundtable discussion on Energy Efficiency Policy Recommendations (EEPRs) for the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean (SEMED)/Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.  Welcome Photo

The roundtable was conducted 15-16 April at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Amman, Jordan under the patronage of the Jordanian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. More than thirty energy efficiency experts from public, private, international and inter-governmental institutions in twelve countries took part.  Team Photo

The results of the roundtable discussions will guide EBRD’s forthcoming policy dialogues on energy efficiency in the region, and will also provide the material for a chapter on the SEMED/MENA region in an upcoming IEA report entitled Energy Efficiency Policy Recommendations for the Developing WorldIEA RCREEE

This roundtable is part of a two-year, global collaborative effort with interim products tailored to regional needs. Roundtables are being planned for South East Asia (Fall 2013), Latin America, South Asia, Caspian and Southern Africa.

Workshop Report

Participants List


Team Dinner Photo

Session 3 Photo

Session 1 - Regional cooperation on energy efficiency policies and programmes in SEMED/Arab region - Session 1 Photo

Policy and Regulatory Framework for EE in the Arab Region –Energy Efficiency Guidelines and National Energy Efficiency Action Plans: Khalid Hosny, Officer, Energy Department, League of Arab States

EBRD’s phased approach to developing energy efficiency lending in the SEMED region: Shahir Zaki, Principle Manager, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Progress on energy efficiency governance in the Arab region: Nurzat Myrsalieva, Policy Analyst, RCREEE

Regional progress towards efficient lighting in the SEMED/Arab region: ‌ Dr. Ibrahim Abdel Gelil, Chair,  Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Energy & Environment Programme, Arabian Gulf  University

Session 2 -  Progress on developing national energy efficiency policies in SEMED/Arab countries - Session 2 Photo

Legislative aspects & development opportunities for energy efficiency in Jordan: Mohammed Dabbas, Director of EnergyEfficiency & Energy Conservation Department, MEMR

Effect of mandatory energy audits on industrial energy efficiency in Tunisia: Kawther Lihidheb, Director, Industrial Energy Efficiency, ANME

‌: Dr. Abdelmourhit Lahbabi, Director, ADS Maroc

Developments in Egyptian energy efficiency policy: Dr. Ibrahim Yassin, Managing Director, UNDP-GEF Lighting & Appliance Efficiency Improvement Project (tbc)

Results of Lebanon’s National Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Account (NEEREA) : Pierre El Khoury, Lebanese Centre for Energy Conservation

Policies for district cooling in Kuwait : Dr. Ahmed Al-Mulla, Senior Scientist, Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research

Session 4 - Energy efficiency policies around the world and their applicability to SEMED/Arab region - Session 4 Photo

World Energy Efficiency Policies – results of the 2011 World Energy Council study : Dr. Didier Bosseboeuf, Chief of Energy Efficiency Study, World Energy Council/MEDENER

The IEA’s 25 Energy Efficiency Policy Recommendations : Sara Bryan Pasquier, Energy Efficiency Programme Manager, International Energy Agency

Session 5 - Policy development working sessions

Energy Efficiency Policies for the SEMED/Arab Region : Grayson Heffner, Senior Energy Efficiency Advisor, International Energy Agency