Powering Thailand’s Energy Transition Episode 3: “How the Energy Transition will Support National Energy Security”

Enlit Asia hosted a series of webinars, sponsored by EGAT, on Powering Thailand’s Energy Transition: “How the Energy Transition will Support National Energy Security”.

Across 4 live episodes, we can hear the EGAT Governor outline the strategic direction EGAT will take and their investment priorities in the short- to medium-term. The series examines the new businesses EGAT is seeking to develop by exploiting the opening of Thailand’s LNG market, how expertise in providing flexibility in both generation and across the grid is needed to support RE growth, and understand how EGAT seeks to support Thailand’s ambition of becoming Southeast Asia's power-trading middleman.

Peerapat Vithayasrichareon, Energy Analyst - System Integration of Renewables, spoke about the challenges of large-scale RE integration into the grid in Episode 3 “Enabling the Energy Transition: Strategies for RE Integration” (3 December). The expert panel also discussed some of the lessons learned after managing the impact of the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis on energy systems both regional and globally.

The IEA's participation in this event was made possible through the Clean Energy Transitions in Emerging Economies programme, which received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 952363

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