12 - 13 Jul 2021 Paris Time Webinar

Peer-to-Peer, Community Self-Consumption and Transactive Energy in Latin America

The global drive to decarbonise is reconfiguring power systems globally, but the form this takes varies enormously between regions. Latin America’s energy resources and social structures generate very different solutions to those in other parts of the world. Understanding these differences allows us to learn how future digitalised and demand-driven electricity networks may emerge in different areas. In recognition of this, the International Energy Agency (IEA) has, together with the Italian government, launched a four-year cross-agency initiative on Digital Demand-Driven Electricity Networks (3DEN). 3DEN and the Global Observatory on Peer-to-Peer, Community Self-Consumption and Transactive Energy Models (GO-P2P) are partnering in this event to better understand how local energy models are shaped by the Latin American context.

Organised by EIA University (Colombia), the event will draw together presentations and analysis from across Latin America:

  • On Day 1, open to all, the discussion will focus on the prospects for the development of transactive energy models in Latin America, highlighting the social and economic aspects of these developments (see agenda below).
  • On Day 2, open only to GO-P2P participants, researchers will focus on starting case-study data collection from Peer-to-Peer, Community Self-Consumption and Transactive Energy pilot projects globally.