Workshop — Toronto, Canada

Networked Standby Policy Framework Workshop


An increasing number of electronic devices are connected to other electronic equipment in networks, constantly communicating with each other. This communication entails various standby states where devices consume energy even when the primary function is not being performed. IEA has together with the IEA Implementing Agreement for a Co-operating Programme on Efficient Electrical End-Use Equipment (4E) Standby Power Annex initiated a project to decrease networked standby energy consumption.

The project is implemented in close co-operation with the Super-efficient Equipment and Appliance Deployment (SEAD) Initiative's working group on network standby. This second joint IEA/4E/SEAD and Natural Resources Canada technical workshop aimed to explore and discuss current and planned policies, results from ongoing projects, gain insights from industry and other key stakeholders and discuss progress needed towards a policy framework for networked standby.

Welcome – John Cockburn, NR CAN

Introduction and overview– Vida Rozite, IEA

Jeremy Dommu: Addressing Networked Standby through DOE Appliance Standards

Verena Radulovic: ENERGY STAR and Network Connectivity

Shailendra Mudgal - Relevant Policies of the European Union

SANGUK YUNG: Korea's Energy Efficiency Program in terms of Networked Standby

Huw Waters: Industry perspectives on the proposed EU Ecodesign directive amendment of 1275/2008 (lot 6) with networked standby requirements (Lot 26)

Peter Gibson and Nathan Moin: Industry perspectives on global policy framework

Robert Turner: Network standby

Doug Johnson: Industry Initiatives and Recommendations for Public Policy

Tony Brunello: What next?

Lloyd Harrington: Overview of the Standardisation Landscape

Jon Fairhurst: IEC TC100 TA12: AV energy efficiency and smart grid applications

Franz Zichy: Standardization: Plans and Progress

Bruce Nordman - Terminology and Definitions Needs for Low Power Mode Energy Use with Network Connectivity

Lloyd Harrington: Energy requirements for functions

Robert Turner: Moderated discussion on test procedures

Nicole Kearney: SEAD network standby projects

Pierre Delforge: Lack of Sleep Costs Americans $2 Billion/yr

Debbie Fitzgerald: U.S. Set-Top Box Energy Conservation Initiatives

Adriana Diaz: Is smart efficient? Assessing energy consumption of network products with the example of smart meters

Shailendra Mugdal: CompliantTV project

Kumuran Siva: Technical options and drivers for implementation

Bruce Nordman: Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE)

Alan Meier: After We Have Conquered Network Standby, Then What?