Low-emissions transport fuels: Technology and policy pathways to decarbonise shipping and aviation

Background information

Low-emissions fuels are widely recognised to be the primary technology option needed to abate greenhouse gas emissions from the international maritime and aviation sectors. These long-distance transport sectors require high energy density fuels, and direct electrification is – from today’s perspective – likely to play only a marginal role, limited to shorter distances and smaller vessel and aircraft operations. 

Increasing the use of low-emissions fuels such as sustainable biofuels, hydrogen and hydrogen-based fuels, will therefore be key strategies to decarbonise shipping and aviation operations.  

This workshop brought together participants to discuss the implications of policies at global, national and subnational levels; business initiatives and market opportunities for low-emissions fuels; and the status of current and promising future technologies. 

The invite-only event took place as a hybrid meeting, with the majority of participants attending in person. The meeting was held under the Chatham House Rule.