08 Jul 2021 10:00—11:00 Paris Time Event

Leveraging carbon pricing to accelerate power sector decarbonisation in Asia Pacific

Background information

Countries in the Asia Pacific have made considerable effort in 2020 in enhancing their climate ambition and plans. Several countries are strengthening action in 2021, acting on or making pledges to limit warming to 1.5°C and achieve a climate-neutral and resilient world, including through updating their Nationally Determined Contributions under the Paris Agreement. Carbon pricing policies could help to deliver on countries’ ambitious decarbonisation goals and lead cost-effective clean energy transitions. In recent years, numerous jurisdictions in Asia Pacific either have or are in the process of implementing a carbon price to reduce GHG emissions and to decarbonise major emitting sectors such as electricity and industry.


The event is organised as part of the Asia-Pacific Climate Week 2021. During this webinar, international and regional experts will analyse and discuss opportunities and challenges of implementing carbon pricing instruments in the Asia-Pacific region, with focus on carbon pricing in power sector transition, examining different national circumstances and sharing country experiences

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