28 - 30 Jun 2021 Workshop

Joint APEC-IEA Training Workshop on End-use Energy Consumption Data (19th APEC Workshop on Energy Statistics)

Recognising the importance of tracking energy efficiency progress, the IEA and the Asia Pacific Energy Research Centre APERC (as the secretariat of the APEC Expert Group on Energy Data and Analysis (EGEDA)) are jointly organising a training workshop on energy efficiency indicators, targeting data providers and analysts across their member economies.

Both IEA and APEC collect energy end-use data and develop indicators of energy efficiency and carbon intensity across all final consumption sectors: residential, commercial, transport and industry, as shown in the IEA Energy Efficiency Indicators report.

The workshop will facilitate information exchanges and discussions among member economies and international energy organisations, with the objective to improve the global energy efficiency data, through knowledge sharing, lectures, exercises and discussions.

Session 1

Session 2A

Session 2B