19 Nov 2019 Workshop — Delhi, India

International Workshop on Policy Framework to Deploy Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure in India

Responding to the exponentially growing volumes of electric vehicles (EVs), the number of charging points globally grew by around 44% between 2017 and 2018. Reaching an estimated 5.2 million points worldwide (IEA, 2019). Electric vehicle charging infrastructure is critical to enable the scale-up and development of a seamless ecosystem for EVs. This requires a coordinated approach bringing together technology solutions with appropriate and enabling policies, programmes and framework conditions.

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency, in association with the International Energy Agency and the Electric Vehicle Initiative under the Clean Energy Ministerial, is organising an “International Workshop on Policy framework to deploy Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructures” on 19 November in Delhi.The workshop will bring together leading experts, policy makers, distribution companies, industry and innovators.

Drawing from global and domestic experiences, the event will identify opportunity areas for India to help fast track the deployment of EV charging infrastructure commensurate with EV growth and the fast changing power systems of today.

Topics covered include:

  • Planning and designing charging infrastructure systems to capture potential benefits of EVs for the electricity system
  • Strategies to match infrastructure to current and future needs and ensure sufficient interoperability
  • Policies and framework conditions that can support the deployment of EV charging infrastructure and enable innovative customer-centric business models
  • Business models and opportunities across the value chain
  • City-led initiatives