Workshop — Paris, France

Integrating Carbon Pricing with Energy Policies


‌This workshop is part of a project - funded by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office - to develop guidance for countries considering the introduction of carbon pricing (either emissions trading systems or carbon taxes) to curb their energy-related CO2 emissions.  An important part of this process is how these carbon pricing policies fit with other energy policies that also reduce CO2, such as policies to support low-carbon technologies and energy efficiency programmes. Identifying areas of policy overlap, duplication and synergies, and understanding how to manage policy interactions, can improve a country’s climate and energy policy package. The country will benefit from an effective and least-cost low-carbon development path and more energy-secure future.

The workshop explored countries’ experiences in the introduction of carbon pricing – both emissions trading systems and carbon taxes – and how these carbon pricing policies have interacted with other energy policies. The diverse range of country experiences will provide a rich set of lessons, from which we hope to draw general conclusions. It builds on a report released by the IEA in 2011 titled Summing up the parts - Combining policy instruments for least-cost climate mitigation strategies.



Integrating carbon pricing with energy policies - workshop agenda

Integrating carbon pricing with energy policies - background information

Opening session

IEA's work on carbon pricing in the energy sector


Session 1

EU Experiences in integrating the EU ETS with energy policies

Switzerland’s experience with carbon pricing - Laurence Mortier

Views of Implementing a GHG market mechanism in Chile


Session 2

Norway’s carbon tax: integration with other policies and the EU ETS - Karine Hertzberg

Japan's carbon tax and energy policies [Shinichi Kihara]

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions carbon tax & energy policy - South Africa



IEA presentation "Combining carbon pricing with supplementary policies: the IEA's approach"

Netherlands view on managing policy combinations [Presentation paris 18 maart]

ECF Roadmap 2050 Project: "From Roadmaps to Reality"


Closing session

Guidance document for integrating carbon pricing with existing energy policies

Workshop outputs

Three reports were produced as a result of this workshop and related meetings in Chile and South Africa: