Workshop — Bethesda, United States

Hydrogen Technology Roadmap North America Workshop


Hydrogen is a flexible energy carrier with potential applications across all end‐use sectors. It could play an important role in a low‐carbon road transport system, as fuel‐cell electric vehicles (FCEV) are a logical low‐carbon solution for a range of vehicle types, such as longer‐range cars and trucks. It could furthermore be deployed in buildings and increasingly used in industry. Low‐carbon hydrogen from renewable sources of energy or fossil fuels in combination with carbon capture and storage (CCS) can be mixed with natural gas for use in conventional heating and power applications. In addition, large‐scale hydrogen energy storage could help enable high levels of variable renewable energy deployment in the future. As costs decrease and technology matures, the potential of hydrogen to provide temporal decoupling of electricity supply and demand on minute‐by‐minute to weekly time scales could provide the flexibility needed to maximise the integration of variable renewable sources of energy..

This 2nd regional workshop for the development of a Technology Roadmap on Hydrogen was organised with stakeholder input from the US Department of Energy and Industry Canada.  The meeting was hosted by the IEA Hydrogen Implementing Agreement and brought together key stakeholders from industry, government and academia to discuss crucial technology, market and policy issues and to highlight synergies between energy sectors, all with respect to regional preconditions.

Participants list
Workshop summary

DAY 1:

Opening of the Workshop - Context for the Day:

Market Drivers - Transportation:

Short presentations (10min) on technology development and milestones:

 Discussion Session, possible relevant topics:

  • FCEV planned roll-out starting in 2015
  • Opportunities for heavy-duty transportation applications (buses, trucks)

Market Drivers - Stationary Power:

Short presentations (10min) on technology development and milestones:

 Discussion Session, possible relevant topics:

  • Lessons learned for backup power needs during natural disasters
  • H2 in chemical industry/refining industry
  • Distributed generation applications

Supply/Demand for Hydrogen

 Short presentations (10min) on the Supply and Demand for H2

 Discussion Session, possible relevant topics:

  • Regional impact of low natural gas prices on H2 prospects
  • IEA-HIA Global Resource Study
  • Steam Methane Reform vs. Electrolysis
  • Supply/source of H2 in the near- to long-term

Hydrogen Infrastructure: How to overcome Chicken and Egg?

Short presentations (10min) on H2 infrastructure:

Discussion Session, possible relevant topics:

  • Roll-out plans in the US and investment needs
  • Synergies with existing H2 generation/transmission infrastructure
  • Lessons learned from N. American demonstration projects
  • Refilling infrastructure – barriers and challenges

Industry and policy makers – expectations and requirements:

Short presentations (10min) from industry and policy makers

 Discussion, possible relevant topics:

  • Need for market pull policies
  • The role of long term emission targets and fuel economy regulation
  • The role of regulation/standards for successful H2 technology roll‐out
  • Harmonization of safety regulation for HRS

DAY 2:

Near-Term Pathways Toward Renewable Hydrogen

 Short presentations (10min) prior to breaking into Two Groups

Proposed Breakout Topics:

Group 1

  • Role of natural gas and biogas for various energy vectors and market options
  • Role of electrolysis for various energy vectors and market options

 Group 2

  • Value proposition for Grid Integration / Power to Gas, including role and opportunities of zero cost/low cost electricity
  • NREL Renewable Electricity Futures Study

Breakout Session Report Out and Discussion:

Proposed Discussion Topics:

  • Key elements/metrics identified for inclusion in Roadmap
  • Incorporation of existing regional roadmap elements into IEA Roadmap
  • Major take-away messages in preparation of  Roadmap
  • Identifying major information gaps


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