Workshop — Dublin, Ireland

How2Guide for Smart Grids in Distribution Networks: drafting workshop



Workshop report (to be posted)

Site visit to ESB Networks

Workshop presentations

Session 1: Opening remarks

  • Kevin O'Rourke, Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI)
  • Paddy Turnbull, Global Smart Grids Federation

Session 2: How2Guide concept and workshop objectives

Session 3: Smart Grid Project Types and elements

  • David Elzinga, IEA

Session 4: Smart Grid Drivers and relation to Smart Grid Project Types

Session 5: Smart Grid deployment considerations and barriers

Session 6: Best practice examples to foresee problems and address barriers

Session 7: Smart Grid deployment solutions

  • David Elzinga, IEA

Session 8: IEA, SEAI and industry experience in roadmap experiences

Session 9: H2G proposals: Visioning/Scoping/Development

Session 10: H2G proposals: Implementation/Evaluation/Revision

Workshop Conclusions