Workshop — Santiago, Chile

High-level Expert Workshop - IEA World Energy Outlook Special Report on Latin America 2023

Background Information

The World Energy Outlook (WEO), IEA’s flagship publication, is considered the global standard for energy analysis and long-term, scenario based projections for energy supply, demand, and investment. The WEO-2023 series will include for the first time a Special Report on Latin America, exploring the region’s evolving energy needs and how to cost-effectively energise growing economies while meeting climate goals, all in light of the ongoing global energy crisis. It will also highlight what additional measures would be needed to fulfil all energy and climate pledges made by Latin American countries, including the Net Zero pledges made by Latin American governments, covering over half of the region’s CO2 emissions.

As part of the preparations for the report, the IEA is organising an in-person-only high-level workshop that will bring together leading policymakers, industry representatives, experts and other stakeholders to discuss the challenges and opportunities in Latin American countries as they implement their energy and climate strategies. The proceedings of this workshop will help to frame the key areas of analysis for the WEO-2023 Latin America Energy Outlook Special Report.

Attendance is by invitation only and the event will not be livestreamed. For any inquiries please contact