Paris Time Report launch

Greece 2023: Energy Policy Review

Background information

The IEA regularly conducts in-depth peer reviews of the energy policies of its member countries. This process supports energy policy development and encourages the exchange of international best practices and experiences to help drive secure and affordable clean energy transitions.

Greece aims to reduce total greenhouse gas emissions by 55% by 2030 and reach net zero emissions by 2050. It has made notable progress towards meeting these targets. This includes significantly reducing its reliance on lignite and setting a binding target to end lignite-fired power generation by 2028 while working to ensure a just transition in its lignite mining regions and reducing energy poverty. Greece has also seen strong progress on renewable energy, which covered 20% of its total final energy consumption in 2021.

In this report, the IEA will provide a range of energy policy recommendations to help Greece smoothly manage the transition to an efficient and flexible carbon-neutral energy system. The report will be launched at a stakeholder event in Athens, which is also expected to be livestreamed online.