Workshop — Paris, France

ESAP Expert Workshop II: Demand Response


Session 1: It’s the demand, stupid

Perspectives and experiences on regulatory frameworks to enable Demand Response. Will demand become more elastic thanks to technology? Is the lack of DR a market failure? Can DR develop without subsidies?

Moderator: Edwin Edelenbos, Programme Manager Smart Grids, Authority for Consumers and Markets, The Netherlands

• European regulatory framework: views and perspective
   Manuel Sanchez, Team Leader Smart Grids, European Commission

The US regulatory framework and initiatives 
   Arnie Quinn, Director Division of Economic and Technical Analysis, FERC

• Ensuring that market and regulatory arrangements help deliver demand-side flexibility
   Joseph Gildea, Sustainable Development Task Force, CEER

Session 2: Experiences in promoting demand response 

This session will present innovative business models of demand response aggregators and suppliers

Moderator: Michael Hogan, senior Advisor, The Regulatory Assistance Project

 •French regulatory developments and action plan for the implementation of the demand response "From EJP to NEBEF"
   Thomas Veyrenc, Director Markets Department, RTE

• Emergency and economic demand response, experience shared from PJM
   Craig Glazer, Vice President-Federal Government Policy, PJM

• Encouraging Demand Response in Australia
   Neville Henderson, Commissioner, Australian Energy Market Commission

Session 3: New players, roles and business models

Moderator: Colin McKerracher, Energy Smart Technologies - Bloomberg New Energy Finance

Implementation of demand response in different countries 
   Jeff Renaud, Senior Director of Market Development, ENERNOC

The role of aggregators (presentation not made available)
   Anne-Soizic Ranchère, Marketing Strategy Director, Energy Pool 

• Defining the new role of DSOs
   François Blanc, Director of Digital Evolution, ERDF/ Eurelectric

• Behavioral Demand Response: Empowering the Consumer
   Simon Hill, Vict-President Regulatoary Affairs EMEA, Opower
   John Webster, Vice-President of Marketing & Strategy, EMEA, Opower