Workshop — Paris, France

Energy Technology Roadmap Workshop


Technology roadmaps can help industry, academic and research groups, civil society, and governments to identify and prioritise strategic R&D and investment needed to achieve technology development goals. The IEA developed roadmaps for key technologies as part of its analysis of scenarios and strategies to achieve a sustainable energy by 2050. Results are presented in Energy Technologies Perspectives 2008 which will be released in June at the G8 Energy Ministers meeting in Japan. The IEA plans to further develop technology roadmaps as a mean to identify where international collaboration can accelerate energy technology development. To inform this effort it is timely to take stock of different approaches and lessons learned from various technology roadmap exercises.

The IEA Expert Group on R&D Priority Setting and Evaluation and the IEA Secretariat will convene a workshop on 15-16 May where international experts will share experiences and discuss approaches to energy technology roadmaps. The workshop will draw on experts with hands-on experience in roadmap design and analysis from governments, industry, academia and international organisations.




Background and objectives
Energy Technology Perspectives 2008
Mr. Nobuo Tanaka

1a- Mr Toshi Shirai
1b- Dr. Robert C. Marlay
1c- Mr. Stathis Peteves

2a- Ms. Barbara Tyran
2b- Dr. Geoffrey Morrison
2c- Mr. François Moisan
2d- Mr. Luc Bourdeau

3b- Mr. Jacques Bouchard
3b- Mr. Jef Poortmans

4a- Ms. Sophie Hartfield
4b- Mr. Makoto Akai
4c- Mr. Jack Eisenhauer