Paris Time Event — Versailles, France

Energy Efficiency in Latin America: Exploring Drivers and Obstacles

Background Information

Energy efficiency represents an area with enormous potential for the Latin American region. Through proper implementation, efficiency measures can reduce demand, lower costs, and cut emissions whilst complementing variable renewable generation. All these factors are highly relevant within the regional context, given their ability to directly address current and historical energy challenges.

As part of the IEA 8th Annual Global Conference on Energy Efficiency, the IEA is organising an in-person-only roundtable that will bring together government representatives and stakeholders from Latin America to participate in a closed-door conversation aimed at taking stock of the state of play of energy efficiency policies and discuss how their implementation is creating positive impacts on living standards, public budgets, energy security, employment, and emission reductions across the region. Furthermore, this session will explore policy priority areas going forward and assess key drivers and obstacles for an accelerated deployment of energy efficiency in Latin America.

Attendance is by invitation only, and the event will not be live-streamed. For any enquiries, please contact