Paris Time Webinar

Energy Efficiency – An Ace up the sleeve for energy transitions

Background information

The IEA’s Sustainable Recovery Report focuses on a vision for economic recovery that leads to a decisive transition to cleaner, more secure energy systems. Energy efficiency is a foundational pillar of this vision, with its powerful job-creation potential, and its role in delivering about 40% of the emissions reductions needed to meet the objectives of the Paris Climate Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals. Importantly, energy efficiency can deliver these reductions cost-effectively, growing economies while saving citizens money. In short, energy efficiency is an Ace up the sleeve for energy transitions.

Over the past several years, Chile and other countries in Latin America have accelerated policies and programmes delivering energy efficiency while setting ambitious targets for clean energy. Yet significant untapped potential remains in the region and around the globe.

This event, organized in collaboration with the Chilean Ministry of Energy, aims to translate experience into action. By engaging the collective wisdom of diverse leaders in energy efficiency from across the globe, it provides a forum to build on their experience in developing strategies to accelerate energy efficiency progress.