Paris Time Webinar — Online, Zoom

Empowering Efficiency: A Policy Perspective on Data Centres

Background information

The International Energy Agency (IEA) and the Efficient Demand Flexible Networks Annex (EDNA) of the IEA’s Technology Collaboration Programme on energy efficient end-use equipment will host a joint webinar on 15 February. The event, which will follow the launch of the new report Policy Development on Energy Efficiency of Data Centres (available for download 14 February), aims to share information and evidence-based recommendations for policies to improve the energy efficiency of data centres, including the impact of these measures and suggestions for implementation. 

The report provides:

• An overview of current data collection and registration projects on the energy efficiency of data centres

• An overview of current and planned government measures on the efficiency of data centres

• Quantitative estimates of the effects of potential government measures if implemented globally

• An examination of key issues for policymakers to consider

The webinar will be presented by Brendan Reidenbach from the IEA’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Inclusive Transitions, Digital Demand Driven Electricity Networks (3DEN), and Tracking Clean Energy Progress, and the lead author of the report, EDNA consultant Fiona Brocklehurst.

Ms Brocklehurst is a sustainable energy consultant with significant experience in renewable energy and energy efficiency. As part of the energy consultancy group at AEA Technology, she provided R&D programme and policy support to UK Government departments for Industry (DTI), Environment (Defra) and Energy (DECC). She also developed projections assessing the energy impact of the first set of carbon budgets following the UK Climate Change Act in 2008.