Paris Time Report launch

Driving down methane emissions from fossil fuel operations in China

Background information

According to the IEA’s Global Methane Tracker 2022, globally around 40% of methane emissions from human activity comes from the energy sector. In China, the energy sector is responsible for nearly 50% of national emissions. Experience around the world has shown that these emissions can be greatly reduced using proven technologies and policies. China committed to develop a National Methane Action Plan and enhance methane mitigation through standards and incentives.

To support policy makers looking to develop new policies aimed at reducing methane from fossil fuel operations, the IEA released Driving Down Methane Leaks from the Oil and Gas Industry: A Regulatory Roadmap and Toolkit in January 2021. At the end of March, the IEA in partnership with the innovative Green Development Program (iGDP) will release a translation of the Regulatory Roadmap and Toolkit into Chinese.

On the occasion of the launch of the Chinese translation, the IEA and iGDP are bringing together key voices from the Chinese fossil fuel sector to discuss this important topic. The discussion will consist of two panels: one on oil and gas, and one on coal. Panelists will explore how policy and regulation can drive emissions reduction in China and how voluntary action by industry can complement these efforts.