Event — Katowice, Poland

Do we even need railroads and ships in the 21st century?

Time: 13:15-14:30

This session will focus on the need for innovation and new business models within mobility. We will combine an update on technology progress (TCEP) in various modes of transportation with long term perspectives on future modes of transportation. Are we relying and planning for infrastructure and transportation modes that will be outdated and not fit for purpose in the 21st century? How fast and disruptive will these changes occur? The session will offer examples of novel technologies emerging from the Nordic countries and elsewhere that drives the transformation in mobility. The audience will be invited to take part in the discussion.



Agenda item

Purpose & flow


Welcome and presentation of the session.

Kristin Bergersen, Nordic Innovation


Presentation by IEA, Caroline Lee

Tracking clean energy progress in transportation.


Tommi Lampikoski, Gaia Consulting

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) - Nordic report from NCM


Karolina Barcewicz (TBC), Danfoss

The business perspective – e-mobility, cars and vessels


Arvid Løken, Nordic Innovation

Nordic mobility & connectivity - Why work on a Nordic level with mobility? How? What?


Panel chat – questions from the audience or from social media

Kristin Bergersen, Nordic Innovation