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Developing Energy Efficiency Indicators for the industry sector in South Africa – a focus on Pulp and Paper and Automotive industry

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Background Information

The workshop will focus on discussing the many benefits of energy efficiency indicators for the pulp and paper and automotive industry in South Africa. This work is part of a larger initiative to develop energy efficiency indicators and industrial energy use benchmarking.

The event will feature experts from the IEA and officials from the Government of South Africa in and will be held in collaboration with the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy (DMRE) and the South African National Energy Development Institute (SANEDI), as an agency of the DMRE. The industrial sectors, the academy and research institution will also be sharing their perspectives.

This workshop follows the launch of the indicators online course carried out in June 2021.

  • Energy Efficiency Indicators: Fundamentals on Statistics
  • Energy Efficiency Indicators: Essentials for Policy Making

Both courses cover four sectors: Residential, Services, Industry, and Transport. Each course requires approximately 10 hours to complete.

We invite you all to have a look at this resource (free). The event will be an opportunity to address the main questions and challenges faced by the participants having enrolled and gone through the indicators online course (send your questions to