Paris Time Webinar

Deployment of bioenergy combined with carbon capture and storage or utilisation (BECCS/U)

Negative emissions technologies (NETs) will likely be important for fulfilment of global climate change mitigation ambitions. Bioenergy coupled with carbon capture and storage or utiltisation (BECCS/U) is one of the NETs that are most frequently discussed yet often only on a rather abstract level. This webinar highlights and discusses the key technological, economic and political factors that need to be taken into account to take BECCS/U from theoretical concept to on-the-ground deployment. 

Presenters: Olle Olsson, Stockholm Environment Institute; Tero Tynjälä, Lappeenranta University of Technology; Christian Bang, EA Energy Analyses; Daniela Thrän, German Biomass Research Centre.

This webinar is organised by the Technology Collaboration Programme on Bioenergy (Bioenergy TCP). Past Bioenergy TCP webinars may be consulted here.