Paris Time Report launch

Czech Republic 2021: Energy Policy Review

The International Energy Agency will host a webinar for the launch of its publication Energy Policies of IEA Countries: Czech Republic on Monday, 13 September, at 11:15 AM CEST, with Karel Havlíček, Minister for Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic and Fatih Birol, Executive Director of the International Energy Agency. 

The phase-out of coal will be a key challenge for the Czech Republic over the coming decade. Today, coal accounts for almost half of the country’s electricity generation and a quarter of its residential heating demand. To prepare for the phase-out, the country needs to speed up the deployment of low-carbon sources of electricity generation.

Energy efficiency should be placed at the centre of the Czech Republic’s energy policy making to help with the coal phase-out. In this report, the IEA provides a range of energy policy recommendations to help the Czech Republic move ahead with the development of a modern energy sector for a healthy and prosperous future.