Paris Time Webinar

Climate Neutral Heating and Cooling: RD&D needs and perspectives for international collaboration

Background information

This webinar, organized under the auspices of the IEA Experts’ Group on R&D Priority-setting and Evaluation (EGRD), will discuss RD&D needs in the area of climate neutral heating and cooling in order to serve as an input to governmental research policies and strategies.

Key questions to be answered at the webinar are:

  • What RD&D is crucial to decarbonize the heating and cooling sector?
  • Which obstacles hinder the large scale deployment and roll out of climate neutral heating and cooling technologies in various end-use sectors?
  • Which problems arise on a system-level?
  • How can acceptance problems of climate neutral heating and cooling technologies be overcome?
  • Is it possible to shortcut the knowledge creation from basic science to application by means of new methods, technologies and mechanisms?
  • How can governments support and accelerate RD&D in climate neutral heating and cooling?
  • What are the best opportunities for the IEA TCPs to take forward these research questions?