Paris Time Webinar

Climate Change and Hydropower in Latin America



Background information

Hydropower is the main source for electricity generation in Latin America, accounting for 45% of electricity supply. By 2040, it is likely to remain significant or potentially increase, supporting the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and carbon emissions reduction in the energy sector. However, climate change poses an increasing challenge to Latin American hydropower with rising temperatures, fluctuating rainfall patterns, melting glaciers, and increasing occurrence of extreme weather events. The International Energy Agency (IEA) analysis supports Latina American hydropower in coping with the adverse impacts of climate change and developing a tailored set of climate resilience measures based on a comprehensive assessment of climate risks and impacts.


This IEA webinar on climate change and hydropower in Latin America will discuss impacts of climate change and explore measures to enhance climate resilience. Speakers from governments, international organisations and development banks will share the latest findings and best practices in the region. Discussions in this webinar will contribute to raising awareness of adverse impacts of climate change and developing solutions for resilient hydropower systems.

The webinar will be accessible in English and Spanish.