CEM11 side-event: Opportunities for clean hydrogen to drive the sustainable recovery and clean energy transitions in a post-COVID world

Background information

Clean hydrogen has the potential to become a cornerstone in the transition to a clean energy future. Hydrogen has a strong momentum and a growing number of governments and companies have adopted ambitious hydrogen strategies as part of their energy and sustainability efforts. Many governments have also included hydrogen in their economic recovery packages to boost economic growth and job creation.

The successful delivery of these plans requires strong collaboration and strategic international partnerships. Since its launch at CEM 10 a year ago, the CEM Hydrogen Initiative (H2I) has established itself as the platform where these partnerships among governments and industry can be realized. H2I global actions complement those already undertaken by other organisations such as IPHE, Mission Innovation, World Economic Forum, Hydrogen Council and the Hydrogen Energy Ministerial (HEM).

This event brought together government and industry leaders to showcase how the strategic partnerships, enabled by H2I, can contribute to accelerate the deployment of hydrogen technologies as outlined in the Global Action Agenda on Hydrogen, while realising domestic hydrogen strategies. This event was the start of a series of international hydrogen events, which highlight the essential role of hydrogen in the energy transitions under the context of post-COVID economic recovery, and which will culminate in the HEM in Japan in October 2020.

CEM/MI Saudi 2020: Opportunities for clean hydrogen to drive the sustainable recovery and clean energy