Workshop — Paris, France

CCS Costs Workshop, November 2013


This was the third workshop in a series, the previous of which were hosted by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) in 2012, and the IEA in 2011. As in previous years, the focus of the workshop was cost estimation methods and factors affecting cost estimates for capture, transport and storage of CO2. However, this meeting had an increased focus on applications of CCS outside of power generation, in particular for capture from iron and steel production, refining, and cement manufacture. We also considered the formation of a formal cost network under the auspices of the IEAGHG. 

Attendance at the workshop was by invitation only and limited to around 40 people to ensure active discussion.

The workshop was organized by a steering committee consisting of George Booras (EPRI), John Davison (IEAGHG), Clas Ekstrom (Vattenfall), Howard Herzog (MIT), Michael Matuszewski (US DOE), Sean McCoy (IEA), Richard Rhudy (EPRI), Ed Rubin (Carnegie Mellon), and Christopher Short (GCCSI).

The agenda, workshop report and linked presentations are available at the Global CCS Institute (GCCSI) website.