Paris Time Webinar — France

Bridging the Gap for Inclusive Transitions: Clean Energy Programmes for Low-Income Households

Background information

As governments and international stakeholders work to achieve net zero emissions, it is important to ensure policies are fair and inclusive. As the adoption of clean energy technologies increases across the world, it will be essential to reduce financial barriers for lower-to-median-income households, making clean energy accessible to all and ensuring all people and communities benefits from clean energy transitions.

In this context, targeted programmes can play an important role in providing low-income households with clean energy access and paving the way for an inclusive transition. This webinar, organised as part of the IEA’s people-centred clean energy transitions work programme, will draw on lessons learned from innovative and effective clean energy programmes from around the world to explore the following questions:

  • How can clean energy programmes be designed to benefit and be inclusive of low-income households?
  • What are innovative ways to make clean energy programmes more accessible to low-income households and what lessons can be drawn from them?
  • How can information about available clean energy programmes for low-income households be best communicated to the intended beneficiaries? What are the impediments to increasing uptake?
  • How can we monitor and measure the success of clean energy programmes for low-income communities? 


Moderator: Jane Cohen, Senior Policy Analyst - People-Centred Clean Energy Transitions, IEA

  • Liliana Campos-Arriaga, Project Manager, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in Existing Social Housing (DKTI VES), GIZ
  • Jean-Clement Chenier, Director, Canada Greener Homes Initiative, Natural Resources Canada
  • Conor Hanniffy, Energy Poverty Programme Manager, Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI)
  • Catherine Klinger, Executive Director, New Jersey Governor's Office of Climate Action and the Green Economy