Workshop — São Paulo, Brazil

Bio-energy and CCS (BECCS): Options for Brazil


Day 1 – Thursday, 13 June

Opening Remarks


Session 1: Chair: Wolf Heidug, IEA, Establishing the global context: Bio-energy and CCS: why it is important and where do we stand?

Dennis Best, Energy Policy Analyst, IEA, Bio-Energy, CCS and BECCS: the Global Energy and Climate Context .

Sabine Fuss, Mercator Research Institute (MCC), Germany, Negative emissions potential for BECCS – results from the Laxenburg Workshop

Agung Wicaksono, Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) Indonesia, Negative emissions potential for BECCS – results from the Indonesia Workshop.

Florian Kraxner, Ecosystems Services Program (ESM), IIASA, Austria, The REDD+BECCS connection, assessing global potentials and sustainability .


Session 2: Chair: Henrik Karlsson,  Biorecro, Sweden, BECCS in Practice Lessons and Pilot Demonstration

Jessica Morton, Global CCS Institute, Australia,  Overview of global BECCS projects.

Chris Greig, University of Queensland, Australia, Lessons Learned – A perspective from CCS project developers a focus on storage.

Atsushi Kurosawa, Director, Global Environment Program, Research and Development Division, The Institute of Applied Energy (IAE), Japan, Biomass Energy R&D and CCS Status in Japan


Session 3:

Session Chair: José Moreira, Professor, Institute of Energy and Environment, University of São Paulo, (IEE/USP) Brazil, Establishing the Brazilian context - climate change, biomass and CCS – the Brazilian situation

Joachim Seabra, Núcleo Interdisciplinar de Planejamento Energético, NIPE/UNICAMP, Brazil, Policies on climate change, biomass and CCS

André M. Nassar, Institute for International Trade Negotiations (ICONE-Brasil), Brazil, Classifying Biomass sources the experience of the Brazilian Ethanol Industry

Paulo Soares, Planning Director, DEDINE, Brazil, Private sector activities and strategies

Rodrigo Iglesias, Centro de Excelência em Pesquisa sobre Armazenamento de Carbono, PUC-RS (CEPAC/PUC-RS), Brazil, Brazil’s storage capacity


Session 4:

Session Chair: Dennis Best, IEA, Key Sectors, Challenges and Economics

Michiel Carbo, Energy Centre for the Netherlands, Applying BECCS: Sectoral Overview

Robert Williams, Senior Research Fellow, Princeton University, USA, Examining costs and criteria for near term BECCS pilots

Antti Arasto, Senior Scientist, Team Leader Fuel Conversion, Energy Concepts, VTT Technical Research Institute of Finland, Roadmap for Bio-CCS in Nordic Countries and the European Perspective to Large Scale Deployment

Sabine Fuss, MCC, Examining Costs – A case study (The Indonesia Case)


Session 5: The Policy Dimension of Sustainable Feedstock Supply and REDD+, Chair: Sergio Pacca, NUPPREC/IEE/USP

Raoni Rajão, Professor, Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG), Brazil, REDD+ - Policy challenges

Florian Kraxner, IIASA, Sustainable bioenergy feedstock-global scenarios and outlook.

Marcelo Leite, Science Journalist, Editor of Opinião, Folha de São Paulo, Brazil, Considering the Future Energy Mix and Political options for Brazil


Session 6: Policies and incentives, Chair: Florian Kraxner, IIASA

Rob Finley, Illinois State Geological Survey (IGS), USA (remote presentation)

Wolf Heidug, IEA, UNFCCC Funding mechanisms: international, bilateral and multilateral

Kentaro Aoki, (UNIDO),  UNIDO’s technical cooperation on bioenergy application and biofuel screening tool

Jose R Moreira (IEE/USP), BECCS in Brazil – perspectives on development


Session 7, Identifying opportunities and challenges, Chair: Dennis Best, Energy Policy Analyst, IEA

Defining three opportunities? (discussion led by USP),

What are three challenges? (discussion led by IEA)

What are the three synergies? (discussion led by IIASA)

Break Out Session 2nd Day 


The IEA has engaged in a series of workshops and expert meetings in partnership with the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) and experts around the world to explore the opportunities and challenges for developing this option in key regions.

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