Paris Time Report launch

Air pollution and climate policy integration in India

Background information

Air pollution has emerged as one of India’s gravest social and environmental problems in recent years. At the same time, the country is experiencing signs of a warming climate with potentially devastating effects in the long term. Energy-related fuel combustion is at the heart of both crises as it is a main source of three major air pollutants. Therefore, the adoption of an integrated approach to tackle both air pollution and climate change can deliver important co-benefits, but quantitative evidence is still fragmented in the Indian context.


This launch event shares key findings and recommendations of IEA’s report “Air quality and climate policy integration in India – Frameworks to deliver co-benefits” and discusses their implications with national stakeholders. The present analysis is a detailed assessment of the impact of India’s key energy policies on two major challenges, air pollution and climate change. It provides quantitative analysis on how flagship energy policies in the power, industry, road transport and residential sector can contribute to both challenges in parallel. The report finds that policy frameworks that accommodate these synergies will, if properly implemented, provide a more impactful response to pressing national health and environmental challenges, while offering great potential for India’s contribution in the global fight against climate change.