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10 Apr 2019 Paris Time Workshop — Berlin, Germany

Accelerating system transformation through digitalisation Expert Workshop


‌Background information

Globally, three main drivers are pushing power system transformation forward: A shift in the generation mix due to the rise of low cost variable renewable energies (VRE); shifts in energy consumption due to energy efficiency and electrification; and the new boundaries for system operation as enabled by increased digitalization. Flexibility, a feature historically embedded in power systems, comes to the fore on the context of this system transformation, facilitating increasingly decentralized and complex planning and operations. 

Within the framework of the Clean Energy Ministerial, the PSF Campaign provides a forum for government and non-governmental stakeholders to identify key challenges and concrete actions, trailing from the operational level to the overarching institutional and policy framework. These efforts to accelerate and manage energy transitions draw on various pools of expertise: the IEA’s GIVAR network, PSF membership, and the findings accumulated through the 21CPP’s work.

In this vein, the PSF’s Expert Workshop to take place on 10th April 2019 as a side-event to the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue will be an opportunity to discuss the present findings of the campaign as well as advance the discussion in preparation for both the 10th Clean Energy Ministerial and with the publication of campaign’s final report. The workshop will bring together international energy experts through a combination of expert presentations, and deep-dive sessions. The targeted public are professionals of the power sector, including energy planning and modelling professionals, policy makers, regulators, power system operators amongst others.

As the fifth event in the framework of the Power System Flexibility (PSF) Campaign, this workshop, coconvened by the IEA and Agora Energiewende, will look at a broad range of innovative digitalization solutions redefining the way generators, consumers and system operators engage with at the various levels of the power system. As a deep-dive session, the focus will be on identifying common barriers and potential policy solutions to enable and accelerate scalable deployment of digital solutions for power system transformation.  

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