Workshop — Paris, France

7th Annual IEA-IETA-EPRI Greenhouse Gas Emission Trading Workshop


For the 7th consecutive year, the International Energy Agency, the International Emissions Trading Association and the Electric Power Research Institute hosted their international emissions trading workshop in Paris, on 8th-9th October, 2007. The workshop provided an opportunity for government, business and NGO stakeholders in the emissions trading debate to discuss some of the key issues relating to international climate policy.

The workshop combined presentation of papers on recent research, together with extended discussion sessions on the following subjects:

- Country Roundtable: emerging greenhouse gas markets;
- Market news;
- Developments in North America and impact on international markets;
- Allocation;
- Sectoral approaches;
- Emissions trading and technology development;
- European Union emissions trading scheme: status and next steps; and
- Wrap-up roundtable: post-2012 and emissions trading mechanisms.

List of participants

Opening Remarks

Noé van Hulst, Director of the Long-Term Co-operation and Policy Analysis Office, IEA
Andrei Marcu, Executive Director, International Emissions Trading Association, (IETA)
Tom Wilson, Technical Executive, Global Climate Research Program, Electric Power Research Institute, (EPRI)        

Session 1 - Country Roundtable: Emerging GHG Markets
Chair: Rick Bradley, IEA

Speakers:        From the following countries/regions:
                       Australia: Barry Sterland, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet
                       Canada: Judith Hull, Environment Canada
                       United States: Adam Diamant, EPRI
                       New Zealand: Catherine Leining, Treasury

Session 2 – Market News
Chair:               Andrei Marcu, IETA   

Speakers:         Louis Redshaw, Barclays Capital
                        José Luis Pastor, Endesa
                        Gia Schneider, Credit Suisse
                        Dirk Forrister, Natsource
Commentator:   Martin Hession, DEFRA

Session 3 – Developments in North America and Impact on International Markets
Chair:               Adam Diamant, EPRI

Speakers:         Franz Litz, Center for Climate Strategies
                        Joe Nation, Environ Consulting and Stanford University
                        Scott Weaver, American Electric Power
                        Mike Scheible, Deputy Executive Officer, California Air Resources Board
Commentator:  Peter Zapfel, European Commission

Session 4 – EU Emissions Trading Scheme: Status and Next Steps
Chair:               Andrei Marcu, IETA
Speakers:         Peter Zapfel, European Commission
                        Paul Dawson, Citibank
                        Koen Dejonghe, Statkraft
                        Denny Ellerman, MIT
Commentator:  Nuno Lacasta, Ministry for Environment, Spatial Planning and Regional Development, Portugal

Session  5 – Allocation
Chair:               Tom Wilson, EPRI       

Speakers:         Daniel Radov, NERA
                        Joe Kruger, National Commission on Energy Policy
                        Nick Campbell, Arkema
Commentator:  Maurits Blanson-Henkemans, Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Netherlands

Session 6 – Sectoral Approaches
Chair:               Noé van Hulst, IEA

Speakers:         Richard Baron, IEA
                        Vincent Mages, Lafarge
                        Eliano Russo, Enel
                        Karl Buttiens, Arcelor Mittal
                        Joachim Ehrenberg, DG Enterprise
Commentator:   Susumu Okamoto, METI, Japan

Session 7 – Emissions Trading and Technology Development
Chair:               Tom Wilson, EPRI

Speakers:         David Montgomery, Charles River Associates
                        Karsten Neuhoff, University of Cambridge
                        Will Blyth, Oxford Energy Associates
                        Bob McNally, Tudor Investment Corporation
Commentator:  Teresa Ribera, Ministry of the Environment, Spain

Wrap-up Roundtable: Post-2012 and emissions trading mechanisms
Chair:               Richard Baron, IEA

Speakers:          Robert Stavins, Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government
                         Joanna Lewis, Pew Center
Commentator:   Jill Duggan, DEFRA