22 Feb 2018 Workshop — Buenos Aires, Argentina

2nd G20 Energy End-Use Data and Energy Efficiency Metrics Workshop




Opening session - Introductions 


  • Luciano Caratori (MINEM)
  • François Moisan (ADEME)
  • Duncan Millard (IEA)


Session 1

– Why Policy makers need better data

Monitoring: End use. Energy Efficiency implications

Baseline, savings and international commitments

Evaluation: additional data needs

  • Michael Leibrandt (Germany)
  • Alfonso Blanco (OLADE)
  • Didier Bosseboeuf (ADEME)


Session 2

– What data are needed?

Discussions looking at 3 key sectors:

  • Building sector: household, commercial and public sector
  • Industry
  • Transport
  • Pedro Hernández (CONUEE - Mexico)
  • Marco Bergel (MINEM - Argentina)
  • Mafalda Silva (IEA)


Session 3

 – Developing the data 

Institutional framework and data collection practices. State of the
art, barriers and opportunities

Real time surveying technologies and practices

Open Data. Accessibility. Integration


Session 4

– Challenges and international cooperation for G20 countries

Data quality. Compatible methodologies. Standardization gaps.
Capacity building

  • Didier Bosseboeuf (ADEME)/Roberta Quadrelli (IEA)
  • Rubén Contreras (BIEE-ECLAC)
  • Benoit Lebot (IPEEC)


Closing session 

Speakers: Andrea Heins (MINEM), Paul Simons (IEA), François Moisan (ADEME)