Workshop — Paris, France

13th IEA-IETA-EPRI Annual Workshop on Greenhouse Gas Emission Trading


‌The International Energy Agency (IEA), Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and International Emissions Trading Association (IETA) hosted their 13th annual workshop on emissions trading on 11th & 12th September 2013. This high-level international workshop brought together:

  • senior officials from OECD countries, the European Union and other nations
  • corporate executives from energy-intensive industries, plus electric, brokerage and financial companies
  • analysts and researchers from non-governmental organisations and academia

The workshop combined presentations on recent research with interactive discussions. The agenda is here (2012's is here and 2011’s here).

ECF Roadmap 2050 Project: "From Roadmaps to Reality"


Session 1

S1 FERNANDEZ Views of implementing a GHG market mechanism in Chile

S1 OH The Korean Emission Trading System

S1 SWARTZ China Takes on Emissions Trading 

Session 2

S2 DIAMANT The Interaction of Complementary Policies and GHG Cap-and-Trade in California

S2 ROQUES The European Trading Scheme Overlap with complementary policies

S2 AGOSTINI Integration of emission tradings and complementary policies and measures

Session 3

S3 MACNAUGHTON The role of offsets and new market mechanisms in climate policy

S3 SIKORSKI What’s up with offsets?

S3 SMITH Putting climate policy into practice

Session 4

S4 BARITAUD Securing Power during the Transition to Low Carbon Electricity Systems

S4 BLYTHE Investment risks in a decarbonising electricity market

Session 5

S5 LITTELL North American GHG Trading Regimes: An Overview

S5 HOLDSWORTH The Future of GHG Trading in North America: A Power Sector Perspective

Session 6

S6 BENOIT Linking Québec and California Cap-and-Trade Systems

S6 DICKSON Linking regional and national emissions trading programmes: the path to a global carbon market?

S6 KELLY Carbon market linkages: Industry perspectives

S6 MARCU Linking domestic trading programs: FVA under UNFCCC

Session 7

S7 FORRISTER The Evolution of Carbon Markets

S7 SEALY Carbon markets in a future climate agreement: the road to 2020 and beyond


(Please note, not all speakers used presentations.)