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Levelised Cost of Hydrogen Maps

Map the levelised cost of hydrogen from solar and wind energy worldwide.

These interactive maps present the levelised cost of hydrogen (LCOH) production from solar PV and onshore wind. For each location and its hourly solar PV and onshore wind capacity factors, the cost-optimal capacities for solar PV, wind and electrolysers as well as the need for flexibility options, such as battery storage or curtailment, have been determined using the ETHOS model suite of the Institute of Energy and Climate Research - IEK-3 at Research Centre Jülich.

In addition to the LCOH maps, the solar PV capacity share maps depict the optimal share of solar PV capacity in the total solar PV and onshore wind capacity combined. A value of 100% represents a system supplied by solar power only, 0% stands for purely wind-based hydrogen production. The values in between describe different hybrid system configurations.

CAPEX = capital expenditure; OPEX = fixed annual operating expenditure.

Notes: The base technology CAPEX assumptions are for 2030 and are USD 320-1 025/kW for solar PV, USD 840-2 840/kW for onshore wind and USD 420-615/kW for electrolysis. The ranges reflect regional variations in costs. The base annual OPEX costs are USD 8-23/kW for solar PV, USD 22-73/kW for onshore wind and USD 13-18/kW for electrolysis. The technology costs decrease or increase relatively for all regions according to the selected percentage values.