Bringing the heat of summer into winter

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What is the aim of the project?

The CREATE project is working on the development of a heat battery that provides buildings with affordable and effective heat storage.

How could this technology be explained to a high school student?

The heat battery consists of a storage module and a heat source, such as solar collectors or a heat pump. The storage modules contain a heat-storing salt which can be dried in the summer via the solar thermal system, with the heat collected stored loss-free until winter.

What is the value for society?

  • provides affordable heating options for multi-family buildings
  • uses existing heat sources more efficiently
  • increases the share of renewable energies

At what stage of development is this project?

A pilot project has been installed in a demonstration site in an orphanage in Warsaw, with the gathered data used to evaluate overall efficiency of the technology. The next step is the development and demonstration of industrially produced prototypes for which strong industrial participation and government support is key.

What government policies could bring this from the lab to the market?

  • targeted support for market uptake of compact thermal energy storage devices
  • support for local self consumption of renewable heat
  • CO2 taxation
Laboratory test set-up of the prismatic heat battery (to the right) and the evaporator/condenser (middle). Source: AAE INTEC

Laboratory test set-up of the prismatic heat battery (to the right) and the evaporator/condenser (middle). Source: AAE INTEC


  • AEE INTEC, Austria, leads a consortium of 11 multidisciplinary parties from universities, research and technology organisations, material suppliers and end-user companies


  • European Union under Horizon 2020

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