Energy Data Centre (EDC) online training

Understanding how to produce meaningful energy statistics

Background information

Understanding the methods used to produce accurate data is vital to producing the meaningful energy statistics that help guide energy industry and policy makers. The world-recognized global energy statistics of the IEA are the result of its abundant data resources and a powerful team of experts.

The IEA Energy Data Centre has designed a series of online training videos and a bi-annual online training course to teach the essential definitions, methods and tools for developing and reporting a wide range of comprehensive national energy balances and parameters. Participants will become fully acquainted with the international standards required for energy reporting, learn how to precisely fill out the IEA energy questionnaires that constitute the basis for official IEA statistical publications, and be better able to communicate with their peers internationally.

This course focuses on national energy statistics, and therefore will not cover energy technologies, general statistics, econometrics or forecasting. The course is principally targeted at statisticians and analysts in central government and government agencies, as well as in energy companies, regulatory bodies, fuel suppliers, utilities and trade associations.

The course is in English and translations will not be provided. Therefore, a good level of English proficiency is required to fully benefit from the course.

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