Cross-cutting activities relevant to all energy sectors and sources including modelling, and women’s participation in clean energy

Energy Technology Systems Analysis (ETSAP TCP)

The ETSAP TCP, established in 1977, is among the longest running TCPs. Its mission is to support policy makers in improving the evidence base underpinning energy and environmental policy decisions. This is achieved through energy systems modelling tools and capability through a unique network of nearly 200 energy modelling teams from approximately seventy countries. The ETSAP TCP develops, improves and makes available the TIMES (and MARKAL) energy systems modelling platform. It also provides training to energy modellers to use this platform to build national, regional and global energy systems models. In addition, ETSAP supports policy makers in undertaking and interpreting energy technology assessments and scenario analysis to inform policy decisions.

The Equality in Energy Transitions Initiative

The The Equality in Energy Transitions Initiative, originally created as a CEM initiative in 2010, aims to build a community of women leaders in the field of clean energy across diverse sectors; create a framework for co-operation and information sharing among participating countries; and share best practices for effective strategies to advance women in the clean energy field. These objectives will be pursued by collecting, integrating, synthesising and distributing information on promising practices and policies to engage women in clean energy careers and leadership positions.