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  • Heating: turn it down

    Lower your thermostat by just 1°C to save around 7% of your heating energy and cut an average bill by EUR 50-70 a year.

    Energy Saving Tips Heating Turn It Down
  • Boiler: adjust the settings

    Default boiler settings are often higher than you need. Lower the hot water temperature to save 8% of your heating energy and cut EUR 100 off an average bill.

    Energy Saving Tips Boiler Adjust The Settings
  • Warm air: seal it in

    Close windows and doors, insulate pipes and draught-proof around windows, chimneys and other gaps to keep the warm air inside.

    Energy Saving Tips Warm Air Seal It In
  • Lightbulbs: swap them out

    Replace old lightbulbs with new LED ones, and only keep on the lights you need.

    Energy Saving Tips Lightbulbs Swap Them Out
  • Grab a bike

    Walking or cycling are great alternatives to driving for short journeys, and they help save money, cut emissions and reduce congestion.

    Energy Saving Tips Grab A Bike
  • Use public transport

    For longer distances where walking or cycling is impractical, public transport still reduces energy use, congestion and air pollution.

    Energy Saving Tips Use Public Transport
  • Drive smarter

    Optimise your driving style to reduce fuel consumption: drive smoothly and at lower speeds on motorways, close windows at high speeds and make sure your tires are properly inflated.

    Energy Saving Tips Drive Smarter