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Energy and Climate Act, 2010

Last updated: 5 November 2017
The Energy and Climate Fund was established in 2010 and received in 2011 part of Germany's emission certificates auctioning revenues as well as capital of the contract with the nuclear power operators. From 2012 on the operator's part is stopped, but all auctioning revenues will be channelled into the EKF. The Energy and Climate Fund provides for additional finance to promote a reliable, affordable and climate friendly energy system and electric mobility. The fund provides finance for: - energy efficiency, - renewable energy, - energy storage and grid technology, - energetic refurbishment of buildings, - national climate action, - international climate and environment action, - development of electric mobility. Moreover, the act allows for payments to electricity intensive industries in the order of up to €500m to compensate for possible indirect effects of the EU emissions trading system on electricity prices starting in 2013. The fund is designed to support the implementation of Germany's long-term climate and energy strategy and to provide incentives for investments towards low-carbon or carbon-free sources of energy.

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