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Recovery, transformation and resilience plan / Urban and rural agenda/ Action plan for sustainable, safe and connected mobility in urban and metropolitan areas

Last updated: 15 July 2021

Spain submitted its recovery and resilience plan in April 2021 to the European Commission.  

Within the first pillar of the plan, one component relates to sustainable mobility in urban areas. The measure is composed of the following initiatives:

- Plan for the development of charging infrastructure and promotion of electric vehicles

- Law of sustainable mobility and transportation financing

- Creation of low-emissions zones and digital & sustainable transformation of urban mobility: includes incentives for low-carbon vehicles.

- Incentives plan for the installation of public & private charging points, purchase of electric vehicles and fuel cells, and the promotion of innovative projects related to electric mobility, charging and green hydrogen.

- Actions to improve the quality and reliability of public transport services.

Overall, these measures are expected to reach EUR 6.536 billion by 2023.

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