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Recovery and adaptation plan / Energy

Source: IEA/IRENA Renewables Policies Database
Last updated: 15 July 2021

In order to decarbonise the energy sector, thus contributing to the fulfilment of the EU's 2030 climate protection objectives, RRP aims to implement the energy related proposals of the 2020 country-specific recommendations, and the digitization of the energy sector.


(1) Transformation of electricity regulation (no budget)

    •  Purpose

- to strengthen the position of consumers within the energy system

- to create legal regulations that promote the greater applicability of renewable energy sources

- maintain and increase security of supply

(175 MW of new built-in to make electricity generation carbon-free, creation of renewable energy production capacity with small household-sized power plants)

    •  Cost

No cost required


(1) Classical and intelligent network developments for electricity transmission system operators and distributors – COFOG

    •  Purpose

to increase the flexibility of the electricity system and promoting the integration of weather-dependent renewable electricity production

    •  Cost

The total cost requirement of the investment is HUF 207.5 billion, of which the net amount of support per RRF is HUF 103.73 billion

(Aid share: 50%)

(2) Supporting the investments in residential solar systems, and electrification of residential heating systems in combination with a solar system - COFOG 04.3 fuel and energy

    •   Purpose

to promote residential renewable energy investments

    •   Cost

The total support framework provided by RRF is HUF 158.759 billion net

(Aid share: 100%)

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