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National Recovery and Resilience Plan / M2C2: Renewable energy, hydrogen, grid and sustainable mobility

Source: IEA/IRENA Renewables Policies Database
Last updated: 17 July 2021

Among the objectives of the Italian National Recovery and Resilience plan, one aims to develop low-carbon technologies and to settle a more sustainable and resilient electricity and transport sectors.

This component includes 5 objectives:

- Increase of energy from renewable sources

     - PV in agriculture

     - Energy communities

     - Innovative clean energy production (including off-shore)

     - Development of biomethane

- Improvement and digitalisation of the electricity grid, to better accommodate the increased production from Renewables and increase its resilience to extreme climatic phenomena

     - smart grid

     - climate resilience of grids

- Production, distribution and final use of hydrogen

     - Hydrogen production in industrial areas

     - Hydrogen use in hard-to-abate sectors

     - Hydrogen for road transport

     - Hydrogen for rail transport

     - RDD in hydrogen

- Sustainable transport (EUR 8.58 billion):

     - Cycling mobility (EUR 0.6 billion)

     - High-speed mass transport (EUR 3.6 billion)

     - Development of EV charging infrastructure (EUR 0.74 billion)

     - Green bus and trains (EUR 3.64 billion)

- Research and development, for the main supply chains for the energy transition (2 billion)

     - Renewables and batteries (EUR 1 billion)

     - Hydrogen (EUR 0.45 billion)

     - Electric buses (EUR 0.3 billion)

     - Start-up and venture capitals for energy transition (EUR 0.25 billion)

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