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Energy Prices Data Explorer

Explore high-quality data on end-use energy prices and taxes

This data explorer presents a selection of data from the Energy Prices data set, which provides end-use energy price data across sectors for 139 countries going back to 1970. It covers prices for gasoline, automotive diesel, natural gas, electricity, kerosene, LPG, fuel oil, coal and other products, updated annually, with more detailed data on end-use prices and taxes, updated quarterly, for OECD countries. 

In 2021, the global average price of gasoline at the pump was 1.03 US dollar per litre (USD/l), a 26% increase from the previous year, exceeding pre COVID-19 pandemic levels. The rebound was mostly due to a sustained increase in the price of crude oil throughout 2021 amid economic recovery. Price levels varied greatly across countries: from 0.32 USD/l in Algeria to over seven times that amount in the Netherlands (2.15 USD/l). Many factors explain price differences, but it’s worth noting the former is a crude oil exporter while the latter is an importing country with high demand and higher taxes.

The global average price of gasoline is the consumption-weighted average of gasoline prices in all countries where data are available.