Methane Tracker Database 2022

Database of country and regional estimates for methane emissions and abatement options

This database presents the IEA’s country-by-country estimates of energy-related methane emissions. For the oil and gas sector, we present detailed estimates for the abatement potential – and costs or savings – from different technology and policy options.

The interactive version of the Methane Tracker Database also includes detailed policy information and comparisons with other sources of methane emissions estimates.

The 2022 update of the IEA Global Methane Tracker report is also available here for free.

Data sets

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Emissions data

IEA estimates for methane emissions by country and region, including detailed estimates of emissions from the energy sector.

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  • Methane emissions

Abatement data

Detailed methane abatement data for the oil and gas sector by technology and policy option.

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  • Methane abatement


  • 23/02/2022

    February 2022

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