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Global Alliance for Building and Construction

Urgent collective action on energy efficiency in buildings and construction is called for to combat climate change

The Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction (GlobalABC) is an initiative launched at COP21, as part of the Lima Paris Action Agenda. It aims to mobilise all stakeholders, including member states and non-state actors from the Buildings and Construction sector to scale up climate actions in the sector. The GlobalABC focuses on the achievement of the low-carbon and energy transition through fostering the development of appropriate policies for sustainable, energy efficient buildings, which allows a concrete value-chain transformation of the sector.

The IEA is a key member of the GlobalABC and contributes data and analysis to the GlobalABC’s annual Global Status Report on Building and Construction. The IEA is lead author of the 2018 edition of status report.

The IEA, together with the GlobalABC, has developed a global Roadmap 2020-2050 to enable the transition towards low-emission, efficient and resilient buildings and construction.

The roadmap shows key steps and targets in eight major activities – urban planning, new buildings, buildings retrofits, building operations, systems, materials, resilience and clean energy – through which the sector can deliver deep energy and emissions reduction.

To achieve the energy and emissions savings in the buildings and construction sector, the IEA’s outlook to 2050 shows significant energy savings in near/net zero energy buildings, deep renovations, low-GHG energy supply and low-GHG materials. The emissions savings from the four components are broadly captured by the eight major activities in the roadmap.

Regional Roadmaps aim to support countries in their ability to create common goals and ambition toward achieving the Paris Agreement goals through the buildings and construction sector. This project is working in three major regions, and builds on the global roadmap that was developed in 2016 as a living document by the Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction (GlobalABC) partners.

Roadmaps for targets and timelines to achieve zero-emission, efficient and resilient buildings and construction

The regional Roadmaps identify short-term, mid-term and long-term targets for 8 strategic areas. Through these Roadmaps we are working with countries and regions to create goals for the buildings and construction sector that support achieving the Paris Agreement and nationally determined contributions in locally appropriate ways.

Setting goals and prioritising actions across 8 strategic areas:

  1. Urban planning: Use urban planning policies to enable reduced energy demand, increased renewable energy capacity and improved infrastructure resilience.
  2. New buildings: Increase the penetration of new buildings with net-zero emissions.
  3. Building retrofits: Increase the rate of building energy renovation and increase the level of sustainability in existing buildings.
  4. Building operations: Reduce the operating energy and emissions through improved energy management tools and operational capacity building.
  5. Systems: Reduce the energy and emissions needed for equipment, appliances, lighting and cooking.
  6. Materials: Reduce the environmental impact of materials and products in buildings and construction by taking a life-cycle and circular economy approach.
  7. Resilience: Reduce risks related to climate change through building design, selection of materials and improving resilience to structural, water and heat risks.
  8. Clean energy: Increase secure, affordable and sustainable energy and reduce the carbon footprint of the energy demand in buildings.

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