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Energy efficiency and digitalisation

The IEA has launched a cross-agency initiative to explore the potential impacts of digitalisation on energy efficiency and implications for policy makers. We are looking at how digital technologies enable greater control, optimisation and analytics, and how this in turn enables greater end-use and systems efficiency, especially when combined with the right policy frameworks and innovative business models.

The IEA is tracking emerging trends in using digital technology to enable greater energy efficiency gains, including active energy management systems (EMS), data-driven consumer engagement platforms, and new performance-based revenue models. These not only deliver value in terms of improved energy performance within specific sectors and end-uses, but also in the wider energy system context (for example, in balancing supply and demand in modern electricity grids).

Our first webinar featured guest speaker David Nemtzow from the US Department of Energy Building Technologies Office presenting on the Grid-interactive Efficient Buildings Program. More than 350 people from 80 countries participated.

Modernising Energy Efficiency through Digitalisation - Webinar 1: Introduction to the U.S. Grid-Interactive Efficient Buildings Program

The second webinar was presented by DENEFF (the German Business Initiative for Energy Efficiency) and focused on the application and impact of digital technologies on industrial energy efficiency.

Modernising Energy Efficiency through Digitalisation - Webinar 2: Insights and experiences from the German Industry Sector

The third webinar was presented by the Electronic Devices and Networks Annex (EDNA) of the IEA’s Technology Collaboration Programme on Energy Efficient End-Use Equipment (4E), and covered the role for connected devices in intelligent efficiency.

Modernising Energy Efficiency through Digitalisation - Webinar 3: Digitalisation of the Energy System: the Key Role of Internet-Connected Devices

Our first workshop was held in Paris on 27 March featuring case studies on how digitalisation is enabling greater private sector engagement and innovation, as well as examining how governments can use digitalisation to improve the effectiveness of their own programmes.

The second workshop will take place in the second half of 2019 and will further explore impacts from digitalisation on end-use and energy systems efficiency.

Digitalisation will also feature as a main theme for the IEA’s 4th Annual Global Conference for Energy Efficiency taking place in Dublin on 24-25 June. Key speakers include representatives from global organisations like Google and Schneider Electric, as well as senior executives from regional leaders such as SP Digital (Singapore), EQuota Energy (China), and PT Smartfren Telecom (Indonesia).